Amazon Brand Story

In today’s e-commerce world with its countless brands, it is crucial for your business to create an emotional connection with customers. This is the only way you can stand out from the competition in the long term and visibly.

An Amazon brand story offers you a unique opportunity. They present your brand’s identity and personality in a coherent and authentic way. This appeals to consumers in a lasting way and, in the best case scenario, creates long-term loyalty. Here you will find out everything you should know about the brand story.

What is the Amazon Brand Story?

According to Existingcountries,  Amazon offers your company a valuable tool to effectively communicate your brand message: the so-called brand story. This feature allows you to tell a compelling story about your business and brand that builds trust, attracts the attention of potential customers, and encourages long-term customer loyalty.

In addition, the brand story ensures a consistent brand representation on Amazon. It is placed above the A+ content and contains visual and informative elements as well as product highlights. This should emphasize the unique selling points of your company and also arouse emotions. A big advantage of the brand story is that it is displayed on all assigned ASINs, which saves you from having to present yourself separately on each detail page. Although Brand Story has been available since 2020, it was recently expanded to include flexible and variable elements to offer companies even more opportunities to authentically present their brand. However, a brand registration with Amazon is a prerequisite for using the brand story.

What requirements apply to the Amazon Brand Story?

Amazon vendors automatically receive the ability to create A+ content and therefore the opportunity to create a brand story. Likewise, participants in Amazon-led sales initiatives such as Amazon Exclusives automatically receive these options. Amazon sellers, on the other hand, must register their brand with the Amazon Brand Registry in order to benefit from the benefits of the brand story.

What is the best way to create an Amazon Brand Story?

The A+ Content Manager is available to users to create the Amazon brand story. The brand story includes a large background image, which is referred to as a so-called hero image. In addition, several brand cards can be placed in the foreground, which are then scrolled through in a carousel-like sequence. The focus here is on a cross-product story that puts your company and its values ​​in the foreground. An appealing and authentic storytelling method can help customers become more loyal to the brand.

There are four different layouts available for the brand cards in the Amazon Brand Story, each of which has its own focus. The information card is particularly suitable as the first card because it represents a kind of brand introduction with a logo. Here visitors have the opportunity to get an initial picture of your brand and immerse themselves in the brand world. This card can be used, for example, to highlight company values ​​and unique selling points, such as technological maturity, uniqueness, stability or security. However, as space is limited, wording should be short and concise.

The other three types of branded cards include:

ASIN-Produkt cards

In the ASIN product cards area, up to four selected products can be presented as highlights. For this purpose, the corresponding ASINs are integrated into the cards and provided with a product image. Short, concise headlines can be displayed below the images that point out the special features of the products. It is also possible to integrate the link to your Amazon Brand Store to direct potential customers directly to your sales page.

Questions section

The questions section offers the opportunity to ask three questions with short answers that provide important information about your company. In this way, the pre-formulated questions can be adapted to individual wishes and the focus can be placed on the topics that are particularly interesting to your target group. You should think about questions that make your company unique and can strengthen customer loyalty. Examples include “What is our philosophy?”, “How is our quality ensured?” or “What sets us apart from other providers?”.


The visual map is divided into two parts: a large image and a semi-transparent text box at the bottom. The text box contains a heading and a signature and can be used to highlight core technologies, product categories or even any customer references. It is also possible to present pictures of the team or the working environment to give your customers an insight into the company.

Using cards in A+ Content Manager offers many options for branding as you have a lot of freedom and flexibility in design. The layout is attractive and the operation is easy. However, it is important to ensure that the story is well-rounded and that the content is in harmony with each other or remains understandable.

Before the brand story goes live, you must specify all ASINs where the feature should appear. You have the option of entering the ASINs manually or uploading them via bulk upload. It can make sense to consciously leave out some product groups or test different brand stories in order to have a good basis for making decisions and to see which version works best.

Conclusion Amazon Brand Story: What you can take with you

By creating an Amazon brand story, sellers can differentiate themselves from their competitors on Amazon. The brand story offers the opportunity to present a brand in the best possible way and highlight unique selling points. By providing informative and compelling content, sellers can build a relationship with the brand, which has a positive impact on product perception. A well-thought-out and attractively designed brand story can help to win the trust and loyalty of customers.

Amazon Brand Story