Kobuleti, Georgia

According to ALLCITYCODES, Kobuleti is a small but well-known resort town in Adjara. It is located on the Black Sea coast, 24 km from Batumi. Compared to the capital of Adjara, Kobuleti is quiet and calm. During the Soviet Union, the city had the status of one of the best Black Sea resorts – it grew very quickly thanks to the construction of sanatoriums and rest houses, subordinated mainly to the military department. Today, the 10-kilometer strip of pebbly and sandy beaches of Kobuleti is increasingly becoming a witness to full houses – the flow of tourists here is growing from year to year.

How to get to Kobuleti

The most convenient way to get to Kobuleti is to come here from neighboring Batumi. Read about how to get to the capital of Adjara here. Trains, minibuses or taxis go to Kobuleti from Batumi. The trip by minibus takes about 40 minutes, the ticket costs 2 GEL. A taxi is a little faster (30 minutes), but more expensive – 40-50 GEL. Several fast trains run from Tbilisi to Kobuleti every day. They cover a distance of 326 km in 4 hours and 30 minutes. Ticket price: approximately 15.5 GEL.

Kobuleti beach

One of the main attractions of Kobuleti is its 10-kilometer beach strewn with small and large pebbles. On the beach there is a rental of everything necessary for recreation: umbrellas, sunbeds, catamarans, jet skis.

Oteli Kobuleti

There are a large number of hotels, guesthouses and hostels in Kobuleti. True, rest here can hardly be attributed to the economy class: prices in ordinary hotels are a bit high – from 100 GEL for a standard room. Higher class hotels cost an average of 350 GEL.

There are many guesthouses in Kobuleti. These are small, comfortable houses on the Black Sea coast. Prices for accommodation in them range from 40-80 GEL. The most budget accommodation option is a room in the private sector. Renting such housing will cost 20 GEL per person.


Mineral springs flow 2 km from Kobuleti, the water from which normalizes metabolism and helps to alleviate the symptoms of obesity and diabetes. It is actively used in sanatoriums throughout Adjara.

You can come to Kobuleti for treatment at any time of the year – its sanatoriums and boarding houses are waiting for their guests both in winter and in summer. In health resorts, methods of climatology, mud therapy, heliotherapy (solar exposure) and other areas are used. Kobuleti water is used for drinking treatment of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, metabolic disorders, as well as liver diseases, etc. Also, mineral water from springs is used for taking baths prescribed for diseases of the nervous and circulatory systems, for diseases of the skin, joints. The humid climate and cool sea wind created ideal conditions for thalassotherapy, a branch of medicine that considers the healing properties of the sea climate, water, algae and mud.

A day’s stay in a sanatorium costs about 180 GEL per person. But keep in mind that the price includes accommodation and meals. Medical procedures are paid separately at the rate of 50 GEL per session. Among the free methods of recovery are hiking, as well as sun and air baths.

Entertainment and attractions of Kobuleti

Bored children and their parents will be helped to disperse boredom by the Tsitsinatela amusement park. In the “Firefly” (this is how its name is translated from Georgian), guests can choose a lot of interesting activities: 17 family, 8 children’s and 11 extreme rides operate in the park. There is a bowling alley, two halls with slot machines, catering facilities, a shopping center. Tsitsinatela is open from mid-June to the end of September. During the season, the park receives more than 300 thousand visitors. Average price of attractions: 1-5 GEL, extreme – up to 10 GEL. The park is located 11 km north of the center of Kobuleti, on the right side of the E70 road leading to Ureki.

Not far from Kobuleti is the national park “Kintrishi”. This is a true paradise of wild nature with relict pine forests, lakes, rivers and mountain waterfalls. True, this reserved place near the village of Khino and Tskhemlovani can only be reached by taxi for 70-80 GEL.


Everyone who came or comes to rest in Kobuleti is fascinated by mild comfortable weather. As elsewhere in Adjara, the climate here is typical subtropical: with hot summers, cool winters and year-round high humidity. In winter, snow falls very rarely, and in summer, thanks to sea breezes, there is no heat. The holiday season opens in May and ends in October. Fans of relaxation in the velvet season come to Kobuleti in November.

Kobuleti, Georgia

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