Bangladesh Overview


Official name of the state

People’s Republic of Bangladesh.




As a country located in Asia according to mathgeneral, Bangladesh borders West Bengal (India) to the west and northwest, Assam and Meghalaya (India) to the north, Assam and Tripura (India) to the east, and Myanmar (formerly Burma) to the southeast. 15% of the land is forested. Bamboo, mango trees and palm trees grow in the lowlands. Most of Bangladesh consists of lowlands on the lower reaches and in the delta of the Ganges and Brahmaputra and their numerous tributaries. Forested hills predominate in the east of the country. About a seventh of the country is under water and large parts of the country are regularly flooded.


Republic (in the Commonwealth) since 1991. Constitution from 1972, last amended in 1996. Parliament (Jatiya Sangsad) with 300 members who are directly elected. Legislative period: 5 years. Independent since 1971 (formerly part of British India, then part of Pakistan).

Head of state

Abdul Hamid, since April 2013.

Head of government

Hasina Wajed, since 2009.


220 V, 50 Hz. Plugs are two or three pole; occasionally there are power outages.

Time zone

Bangladesh Standard Time: CET +7




The official language is Bengali (Bangla). English is the language of business and education.

Bangladesh Overview



The following articles can be imported into Bangladesh duty-free (people over 18 years):

200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 227 grams of tobacco;
2 bottles of spirits (only for non-Muslims and tourists. Other non-Muslim travelers: 1 bottle);
250 ml of perfume and eau de toilette;
Gifts worth up to Tk 500.
The customs form issued upon entry must be kept until departure.

Import restrictions

An import permit from the Ministry of the Interior is required for all types of weapons and ammunition and for flammable chemicals.

The import of gold, silver and other precious stones / jewelry is notifiable and customs duty (approx. € 52 per 100 grams of gold, approx. € 1.10 per 100 grams of silver), a maximum of 10kg may be imported.

Prohibited imports

Pornographic products and drugs. Travelers who need to take certain medications should carry a medical certificate in English.


Business etiquette

Tropical suits or shirts and ties are usually appropriate. A suit should be worn for appointments with government officials. Appointments and business cards are common. October through May is the best time to travel on business.

Business hours: Sa-Thu 9 am-5pm; Authorities: Sa-Thu 8 a.m.-2.30 p.m.


Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce & Industry
PO Box 2079, 60 Motijheel Commercial Area, BD-Dhaka 1000
Tel: (02) 956 01 02.

Business contacts

Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce & Industry
PO Box 2079, 60 Motijheel Commercial Area, BD-Dhaka 1000
Tel: (02) 956 01 02.



Limited international direct dialing.


GSM 900 cellular network with coverage in larger cities, main providers include Grameen Phone (Internet:, Aktel (Internet: and Mobile 2000.


Internet access in larger cities; there are some internet cafes. Some hotels in Dhaka and Cittagong also have connections that are primarily available to their guests. Service providers include Proshikanet (Internet: and BanglaNet (Internet:

Post Office

Airmail to Europe takes 3-4 days, by land it takes several months. Blue mailboxes are for airmail, red for overland mail.


Since the use of shortwave frequencies changes several times over the course of a year, it is advisable to contact Deutsche Welle customer service directly (Tel: (+49) (0228) 429 32 08. Internet: to request.



Fabrics, silk, saris, coconut shell masks, bamboo articles, mother-of-pearl jewelry, pink pearls, leather goods, wood and wickerwork. Especially in Dhaka there are many good arts and crafts shops, including in hotels and at the airport. Shop opening times: Sa-Thu 9 a.m.-8 p.m., Fr 9 a.m.-12.30 p.m. and 2 p.m.-8 p.m. (shops in tourist centers are often open longer). Some shops are closed on Fridays.



Only the bars of the exclusive hotels are available for evening entertainment, as there are no night clubs. Local dance and music performances are often held as part of religious festivals. There are theaters in all major cities, in Dhaka the Mohanagor Natya Mancha was recently opened.




There are few good hotels, most of them in Dhaka, Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar. Hotel bills are paid either in cash or by travelers check. Several modern hotels in Bangladesh are affiliated with the Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (see addresses).



83% Muslims (predominantly Sunnis), 16% Hindus, Buddhist and Christian minorities. Islam has been the state religion since 1988.

Social rules of conduct

In the host’s house you sit cross-legged on a cushion or sofa, but it is considered a gross insult to show the soles of your feet. Small gifts are gladly accepted. Giving money is considered an insult. Religious customs and practices should be observed and respected. Women should wear pants or long skirts. When visiting religious places of worship, you should generally wear restrained clothing (keep your arms and legs covered). Photography: Residents of rural areas are not used to tourists, so you should always ask if you can take photos. Under no circumstances should you photograph women without their consent. Photographing military installations is not permitted. Tip:10% for hotel and restaurant staff and 5% for taxi drivers.


Best travel time

Tropical and very hot, monsoon rains occur from April to October. During this time the temperatures are highest. From November to March it is a little cooler. Main seasons: winter (Nov. – Feb.), pre-monsoon season (March – May), monsoon (June – Sept.) and post-monsoon (Oct. – Nov.).


Area code +880 Area (sq km) 143 998 Population 168 957 745 Population density (per sq km) 1173 Population in 2015 Member of the EU No main emergency number 199

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