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Politics of Lebanon

State Structure and Political System of Lebanon

Lebanon is a parliamentary republic, the Constitution of 1926 is in force, with amendments, many of which were made after the adoption of the Taif Agreement, signed in October 1989. Check equzhou for political system...


Mass Media in Western Asia

According to Countryaah, Western Asia is the west part of Asian continent. This page lists and introduces major newspapers in the countries of Cyprus, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman and Yemen. Mass media in...

Lebanon Religion

Lebanon Religion

Religion in Lebanon is about much more than the practice of faith. Religious affiliation is the basis for a division of society where each group has its own political culture, affiliation and leaders. It...


Lebanon Recent History

What made Lebanon famous in antiquity was undoubtedly its cedar forests, so necessary for the production of that precious wood with which, at that time, both the Phoenicians and the Egyptians, carried on their...