Tips for Your Trip to India

In recent years, India has become an increasingly popular travel destination. It is a country that is constantly evolving and many companies choose to move their business there. Whether you are going to India on holiday, moving there or going on a business trip, there are some things that you as a foreigner should know.

Tips for your trip to India


This is step 1 to go to India. We Swedes are used to traveling to places within Europe and then we do not need a visa. If, on the other hand, you are traveling outside Europe, then you must have a visa to enter and stay in the country. You can apply for a visa at the nearest Indian embassy in Sweden. You should be out well in advance if you have a planned date that you are going on. Although it can be relatively quick to get a visa in Sweden, it can still take time.


According to elaineqho, the currency in India is the rupee. So you can not pay with Swedish money or with euros. However, you can exchange them for Indian Rupees. You can change at the airport or at the bank before the trip and also when you have arrived in India.

Water and sewer

In India, drinking water contains bacteria that can make you sick. Therefore, make sure to buy bottled water that you drink instead of tap water that we drink here at home in Sweden. If you are staying in a hotel in India then there is a toilet and shower. If, on the other hand, you want to try living with an Indian family, then it is not certain that they have all this. The toilet can be a hole in the ground and the shower can consist of a water hose that you can use outdoors.

Means of transport

When you come down to India, you do not have to worry about getting around. Taxis and rikshas are plentiful everywhere. If you presumably prefer to drive yourself, there are cars for rent at the airport. But you have to keep in mind that the traffic rules are different in India. They drive on the left side and have the steering wheel and pedals on the right side, which is completely mirrored to how it is in Sweden.

Security and crime

This is no worse in India than in any other country. However, you should be on your guard when you are out in large crowds. And if you are a woman, you should not be alone at night. You should also exercise caution if you are going to use public transport alone in India. In addition to being raped by a taxi driver, he can also lure you to a place other than the one you were actually going to and it can force you to pay more than was actually intended.

Language and clothes

In India, Hindi is mainly spoken, but if you do not know Hindi, you can always speak English, because most Indians can both understand and speak English. Nevertheless, it is best to have an interpreter with you so that the misunderstandings between you and the population are lessened. In India, you can wear your usual clothes. But it does not matter if you want to adapt and dress in traditional Indian clothes. It might help you blend in better.

New Delhi as a destination

New Delhi as a destination

New Delhi has been the capital of India since the country moved its headquarters from Calcutta in 1911. Today it is a wonderful and characteristically chaotic place that attracts thousands of visitors every year. Old and modern are mixed here, you see traditionally decorated elephant parades witnessed by modern businesswomen with portfolios, by the poor and by the rich while experiencing a myriad of colors and smelling scents that are so typical of India. Whether you are interested in history and culture, architecture or fashion, there is a lot to discover in this fascinating city and despite the fact that it can be messy and difficult, it is at the same time magnetic and beautiful.

How to travel?

As this is the capital of India, New Delhi has all kinds of accommodation to offer: luxury hotels with spas and shops as well as simple hostels for those traveling with a backpack. There are also many good hotels in the middle class so anyone who wants can come here!

For those who travel easily, there are hostels. Most of them are located in the Paharganj area, which is close to the main train station. You can walk to all the accommodation here from the station and here there are also many local eateries and shops. For the so-called “backpacker”, this is an ideal area, partly because it is so close to the train station but also because you can look forward to meeting very many like-minded people from all over the world. Nothing is as valuable as meeting other travelers with whom you can exchange tips and experiences.

There are luxury hotels all over the city and several of them are located by parks and by the river where there are beautiful views. All of them have fantastic roof terraces that you absolutely must not miss!

Tourist attractions

Since New Delhi was founded during the British colonial era, one can find here in Old Delhi a mixture of both traditional Indian sights and in New Delhi more modern structures. Do not miss the 16th century Humayun’s tomb which is inspired by the Taj Mahal and which you can visit during a day trip if you live in New Delhi, the magnificent Lotus Temple which does best at sunset and the National Museum where you can admire the best of Indian art .
New Delhi also has fantastic parks and markets where you can botanize among spices, jewelry and textiles. Buy a beautiful sari or gifts for friends at home and let yourself be foretold by an astrologer – a must among the Indians themselves!

Get around

India’s capital has one of the country’s busiest airports, Indira Gandhi Airport, which is connected to the city center by both train and bus. Once in the city, you can easily get around with India’s modern subway system or in a more traditional way with buses and risk haws.

Food and drinks

Indian food in India is not quite like the Indian food served in Sweden. Here the food is generally spicier and stronger and for many visitors it can come as a shock. If, on the other hand, you ask for slightly spicy food, it is not uncommon for you not to get any spices at all. In areas around hotels and hostels, however, many chefs have adapted a little to the needs of tourists so that visitors can enjoy local dishes. Tea is served with everything, but the various Indian beers also go well with the food. Be careful not to eat fruits and vegetables that have been cleaned with tap water!

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