Laos Religion

Buddhism is the dominant religion in Laos. It is supported by the regime and is considered part of the Laotian culture, although many minority people have other religions.

Among the Thai-speaking peoples, theravada Buddhism is the main religion, although animism (religious belief and ancestral worship) still lives with many peoples, often mixed with Buddhism. Animism dominates among the monkhmere-speaking mountain peoples.

Laos Population Forecast

The Vietnamese and Chinese minorities profess to the other Buddhist major, Mahayana, and / or the traditional Chinese wisdom doctrine of Confucianism.

Although the Communist Revolution of 1975 (see Modern History) had support within the country’s religious circles, the Buddhists were persecuted following the Communist takeover of power. Nowadays Buddhism receives financial support from the state and is considered part of the Laotian culture.

Religious freedom is enshrined in the constitution, but all religious groups must be approved by the state. Although tolerance is high among ordinary Laotians towards religious minorities, especially Christians, it is lacking in its direction with the regime. It seems that Christians from minority people are harassed and imprisoned for their faith.

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Society begins to open up

April 23

According to Laotian authorities and the media, the country has been mildly affected by the corona pandemic, with only 19 confirmed cases of coronary infection and no deaths with covid-19. After eleven days without any new confirmed case of infection, the authorities begin to ease the restrictions. It is above all the mining industry that the government wants to get started again. The rules on social distancing should be released quickly in different parts of the country, depending on how affected the area is. Most infected have been discovered in the capital Vientiane.


Shutdown of the country

March 30

The government is ordering a shutdown of the entire country in order to protect the population from the new corona virus that caused a pandemic. Laos then had eight confirmed cases of the coronavirus. The closure would be until May 3.

Laos Religion

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