Singapore Religion

Singapore is a secular state and the government works for harmony between followers of different religions. As long as religion does not challenge the state, it is regarded as a positive counterbalance to Western influence with its, according to the rulers, extreme individualism and lack of discipline.

Instead, the government is trying to promote Chinese wisdom, Confucianism, with emphasis on virtues such as diligence and obedience to the authorities.

Most Chinese are followers of traditional Chinese religion that mixes elements of Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism, but which is also expressed in the worship of ancestors and spirits. A smaller number of Chinese and immigrants from Sri Lanka are Buddhists in the more traditional sense. There is also a significant group of Christians among the Chinese.

The Indians are also divided into several religions. Just over half of them are Hindus, a quarter are Muslims and the rest are mainly Sikhs or Christians. Almost all the Malays are all Muslims.

The government has expressed some concern that fundamentalist Islamic currents around the world should spread to Singapore and have political repercussions. Christian mission has also worried the state power that cuts down on everything that is considered to interfere with the harmony between the peoples. The Christian community of Jehovah’s Witnesses is banned because of adherents’ refusal to do military service.

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Singapore Religion

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