Armenia’s Defense

After Armenia’s independence in 1991, work began to establish its own Armenian army. There is public service from the age of 18 with 24 months of service. The total force numbers for Armenia’s armed forces are 44,800 active personnel (2018, IISS). In addition, 4300 semi-military police forces and border guards come. Russia has a military presence in the country (as of 2018 around 3300 personnel, including tanks, fighter jets, combat helicopters and anti-aircraft missile batteries).


The army’s strength is 41,850 active personnel, of which 18,950 conscripts. Materials include 109 tanks (101 T-72, three T-54 and five T-55), 201 armored vehicles, 130 armored personnel carriers, about 22 armored fighters, 38 self-propelled artillery and 15 facilitate drones. In addition, the Army has heavy artillery, medium range air defense missiles, light air defense artillery and short range ballistic missiles and conventional warheads.

Armenia Army

Air Force

The Air Force has a personnel force of 1100 active personnel. Material comprising 15 attack aircraft of the type Su-25, four transport aircraft, 14 trainers and 28 helicopters (which seven combat helicopters of the type Mi-24). In addition, the Air Force has long range air defense missiles.

International operations

In 2018, Armenia participated in NATO operations in Afghanistan (Operation Resolute Support) with 121 personnel, and in Kosovo (KFOR) with 40 personnel. And in addition to the UN operation in Lebanon (UNIFIL) with 33 personnel.

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