Bhutan Religion

According to the constitution, Buddhism has a special status as “spiritual heritage” in Bhutan with principles of peace, mercy and tolerance. At the same time, freedom of religion prevails and the king is the protector of all religions.

There is some criticism that Buddhist ideals are being pushed even by non-Buddhists. Among other things, all school students are expected to participate in certain rituals, such as compulsory daily meditation.

Bhutan Population Forecast

Mahayana Buddhism came to Bhutan in the 6th century. Since then, Buddhism has had a prominent role in society. Two of the four Tibetan Buddhist schools are practiced: kagy├╝ and nyingma. The monastic system of about 12,000 monks is largely financed by the state.

In Bhutan there are also a large number of Hindus, most of whom are of Nepalese origin, as well as a few Muslims and Christians.

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Bhutan Religion

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